Creature sighted near Gold Beach rock quarry file# 04539


Date:July 07, 1976
Curry county, OR
Nearest town:
Gold Beach / Wedderburn
Nearest road:
Old Hwy 101

The highway is now a county road, and I do not know the correct desgination. (Google maps has it listed as "unknown"). The road is the old Hwy 101 that runs between Nesika Beach and Wedderburn. There is a small rock quarry along the road.


Description of event: July of 1976, just prior to my eighth birthday, my family was visiting my grandparents, who lived outside of Gold Beach, OR. My grandfather was a rancher and owned about 600 acres at the time. The road his house is on (now occupied by my aunt) is the old Hwy 101, and runs between Nesika Beach and Wedderburn. Along this particular section of road (about 5 miles worth) are 5 residences, all of which are my family members. During that July I had spent many, many hours exploring everything an eight year old boy could and was comfortable in the area. The last house in the family row was owned by a cousin who was a boat builder. I had been at his place in the morning visiting and watching him work. Around lunch I got onto my bike and was riding the 1/2 mile or so between the shop and my grandparents house. At the base of my cousin's driveway is a small rock quarry on the side of the road, which I had ridden past and played in dozens of times. The rock quarry had a small stream that ran through it and the vegetation along the stream had grown up (trees, bushes, etc.) to a height of ten or so feet. On this day, as I road past I got the creepiest feeling you could imagine of being watched and surprisingly enough, I stopped. I was on the road about 20 feet from the edge of the quarry where the stream went into a culvert and under the road.

I watched a large, reddish/brown creature, longish hair stand up from the stream and simply look at me. It had a face, shoulders, arms, and a head more human like then a bear (that is important to the story in a momnet). Its head did not reach the top of the trees so would guess it was 6-8 feet in height, and very broad. I stayed there maybe 30 seconds, and then it was nothing but pedals and smoke all the way to my grandparents house.

I made the mistake of telling the family members there at the house what I had seen. My grandfather spent 20 years with the Forest Service manning fire Towers as a young man, and then another 45 as a rancher. He never saw anything leading him to believe in Bigfoot, and with him if he did not see it, it did not exist. My story became the joke of the family, but my cousin (whose house I had been at) told me he had been having "bear" problems at the time and I had probably seen the bear. I know a bear and that was not bear.

Years later (yes they still talk about it) I actually got the details of my cousins "bear problem." Something large had been around his house, eating fruit from trees, banging on things, making noise etc. No one had ever seen a bear or bear print. It makes sense to me now that what I saw was in fact the cause of his problems, but was not a bear.

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