Hiker hears woodknocking while on the PCT

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Date:July , 2008
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
La Pine Maybe
Nearest road:
NFD 600 RD
I had made my camp on the shore stormy lake on the xxxx Mtn. side, opposed to the Pacific Crest Trail side. I was right on the lake (within 5,6 ft) due to the 'late' snow pack.


Description of event: After a long and especially miserable day of hiking alone on the Pacific Trail (which i had been on for about a week)I made a late and rushed camp on the side of Stormy Lake in the Three Sisters Wilderness. I was laying in my tent (blinds closed) when i heard what sounded like possibly another hiker going past. I should backtrack a little to say that the few hours I had been at the lake I felt uneasy. Comparable in my mind only to the feeling of being in a truly haunted house; if you've been there, you know what I mean. A feeling that there's a presence possibly greater than your own, possibly observing you in this wild setting. I tried to convince myself that it was just from being in a creepy place by myself, however that's hard for a person like me to buy as I'm an avid solo hiker and solo spelunker. So anyway, all that being said the sound of walking creeped me out. After what may have only been seconds of hearing the sounds I began to sing aloud to myself in an attempt to drown them out. With in minutes (4 or 5) of me singing (now I was into it) a loud, echoing sound bellowed from the woods between me and xxxxx Mountain. I can only describe the noise as what it sounded like to me; A large, maybe few foot, solid branch being forcefuly bashed against a dryer than not but solid tree trunk. If you think that my 'description' sounds too hypothetical, go out to the woods in late July and bang branches against trees. After hearing the sound I forced myself to sleep.

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