Man finds footprints in mud - PHOTOS (likely human) file# 04602


Date:April , 2008
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
La Pine
Nearest road:
cold at night 60s during day
mid morning
Go south on highway 97 to wikiup junction go right on burgess road and take a right on the road right before the bridge that crosses the deschutes our camp was approximately half a mile downstream of the dam.


Description of event: I noticed these tracks in the morning while fishing. It was just warming up I wear size 13 boots and I compared my footprints with and without my boots my boots were about the same size and without my feet were a little smaller.when I compared without my boots I couldn't help but notice how cold the mud was. noone in their right mind would be walking barefoot in that weather I took a picture of the best track I could find but there were others up river about an eighth of a mile whatever it was had a very long stride and must have been very heavy as it sank in mud that I could walk across I weigh about 225.

record updated:2009-03-25 20:23:43

Investigation by: Felicia Bryant

Felicia Bryant Investigator

Medford, OR

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