Hunter watches what he believes to be a bear stand up and walk on two legs, look at him file# 04607


Date:September , 1997
Baker county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

Go to the top of Marble Creek Pass. There is a cattle gaurd and place to park. That is where I parked, Baker Valley side of the cattle gaurd.


Description of event: I went there to go hunting: it was archery season, so after school I grabbed my bow, changed into my camos and drove to the top of the pass.

The road is really bad, so it takes some time, once at the top I stayed on the Baker side so I wouldn't spook anything in the meadows below.

After glassing for some time, not seeing anything, I took off to the south, along the ridge line, hunting. Went maybe a half a mile of so, set up behind a down log, and waited, glassing often. Maybe a half a hour passed when I noticed a bear about 500 yards out, I watched it off and on, it would go into small draws where I wouldn't see it, then it would re-appear closer. When it got to about 300 yards, I noticed if it would stay on the same path I might be able to get an arrow into it, so when it dissapeared into another small draw, I started planning how to get ahead of it and get a shot.

When it reappeared, it was maybe two hundred yards away, and in the binoculars I watched it walk on two legs, downhill for at least 40 yards. For some reason I got pretty nervous, and moved, which he saw. At that, he stopped and looked directly at me, I didn't think he could see me, but he turned and started back the way it came, not running, but covering alot of ground quick.

I have hunted all my life, white water rafting, back packing, and can say for certain what I say was not a bear, or any other known animal. When it turned its whole top turned with it. I have seen many bears, deer, elk, and know this was none of them...I have not been back since, and have only told my wife what I have seen...

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