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Date:December 18, 2008
Dechutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Sunrise Village Road.
cloudy, thin patches of snow on the ground.
mid morning
In a small forest in valley with a small arm of the Deschutes River running through it. There were also dozens of caves, with a rocky cliff running up the side of the valley. There also three houses on the cliff on the other side of the river overlooking the woods.


Description of event: My friend and I took our camera down into the forest to film a documentary on Sasquatch (we didn't expect to actually see one). We walked through the woods, finding plenty of evidence (e.g. tracks, smells, snapped branches, broken trees, eaten leaves, strewn pine cones and plants and a cluster of nests similar to the dome nest found on the Monster quest episode having to do with the Ohio Grass man. However the sticks appeared to be dead and were mostly collapsed. Then we looked down by the river where we found a circle of small trees that had been smashed and crushed creating a circle of sharp spears with a nest of plants in the center. We walked up the river for a while and then I saw the creature looking at me from up the river. It stared for several seconds and then walked away (there was also a second one behind it. However I didn't notice this until I watched the tape again. We filmed for a bit longer, and found a particularly interesting cave, the entrance being 4 feet high, the cave stretching back inside for about 12 feet. I went inside and found plants and pine cones that were clearly not naturally occurring, also hand and foot tracks, and a foul smell, similar to a mixture of garlic and scented deodorant. We then ran out of film and left, but we won't forget that day.

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