Children have encounter while father is timber cruising file# 04667


Date: , early 80's
Wasco county, OR
Nearest town:
The Dalles
Nearest road:
early afternoon
I will have to ask my parents. This was in The Dalles, in the late 70's early 80's.on a 5500 acre tract of timber.


Description of event: My family was out walking on about 5500 acres of forest with my dad while he was measuring the trees for board feet for logging.

My mom, sis and I were waiting for my dad to come back when the forest just went silent and we could here something in the brush but couldn't see anything. My sis and I were maybe 4-6 and I just remember it being super creepy like something was stalking us and my sis started screaming at my mom "make it quit watching us mommy, make it quit watching us."

My mom tried to get her to tell her what was watching us because it could have been a bear but she said it wasn't a bear. The thing in the brush went away and the sounds (birds, squirrels,etc) returned to the area.

My dad also returned from the direction opposite the noise and my mom questioned him about was he in this general area, to which he replied no and then told him about the event.

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