Woman sees creature in bushes near Cape Meares

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Date:May 22, 2009
Tillamook county, OR
Nearest town:
Cape Meares, Near Octopus Tree
Nearest road:
Cape Meares Lighthouse Road
Sunny & Breezy
early afternoon
In bushes/trees East and a little south of the Octopus Tree. See my explanation of what happened for more detail.


Description of event: On Friday, May 22, 2009 at approximately 2:30 P.M., my husband, 2 small children and I had hiked up to the Octopus Tree.

My husband was leading and after reaching the tree led us on further up the trail. He came to a stop. I noted that the 'Park Service' fence that went along the edge of the cliff had ended. It was then that I had a quick distinct feeling that we were being watched. I then said to my husband, "this doesn't look safe for the kids, let's go back down". We turned around and went approximately southwest of the tree to a fenced lookout area.

I had completely forgot the feeling of being watched and was enjoying the view with my family. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw movement to the East (back up near where we had been, but way out on the edge of the cliff in some dense bushes). I turned, thinking nothing of it, and saw the back of something. It was very tall, thin to medium build, and had long hair down the back of it's head, back, shoulders, arms, all the way down to it's waist. It struck me odd the manner in which it stood up from being in the dense bushes/trees. Also, it's height was very surprisingly tall. It appeared that the bushes came to about its waistline.

I was perplexed as I noted it had brown-ish (sort of a lighter brown with almost some strawberry-blonde coloring to it.) long hair all over it. Then it very quickly and smoothly walked out of sight.

I turned back the view of the ocean, and started to process what I had seen. I told my husband I saw something brown and wanted to go. So we went to the car and left. I have never in my life seen any animal or human that looked like what I saw. I think this is why it was so startling and perplexing. I am 100% sure of what I saw. However, I do not know what it was. I do not believe it to be human due to it's height, the manner in which it stood and the area in which it was standing, not to mention the agility it demonstrated as it so quickly disappeared. Needless to say, this experience is definitely going in the journal and I do not plan to visit Cape Meares for a while! :D

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