Man relates story told by father of damage during logging operations file# 04677


Date: , 1965-66
Douglas county, OR
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Description of event: I thought you may be interested in this story. My father was born and raised in Oregon, as was I, and while I was growing up my family spent as much time outdoors as possible. We spent many weekends driving the back roads around Douglas and Coos County and my father always use to tell me his bigfoot story. While growing us his father was involved with logging operations in and around Douglas and Coos County. One weekend there were reports that at the recent logging location equipment had been damaged and several massive wooden cable spools had been rolled over the banks and destroyed. My father tagged along with his dad while he went to look over the damage and take a report.

My dad told me, and I heard the same story numerous times and it never changed, that when they arrived at the site they noticed that all but one wooden cable spool had been pushed over the bank and several of the smaller spools appears to of been crushed. He also said that a piece of large equipment had been pushed over on it's side and there were massive tracks through out the area. My dad was probably 15 or 16 at the time and said that his father was hesitant about reporting it because he didn't want people to think he was crazy.

He said they continued to log the location for another month or two and nothing else happened out of the ordinary.

I wish I had more details for you such as roads, etc..., but unfortunately I do not.

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