family has many repeat experiences in the Mollala River area file# 04682


Date:September , 1992
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Molalla River Coraidor


Description of event: We noticed a big foot print and taken pictures of it also noticed were some thing big had bedded down. Later that evening we started hearing things moving all around we started seeing red eyes glowing back at us though camp fire light and lantarn light. I wanted to stay every one else wanted to leave so as we were packing my wife put my 3yr old daughter at the time in her car seat my daughter told my wife that she had seen a big monkey it leaned over the car and looked though the window at her. We did come back and witnessed them on several occasions. We got to the point that we were not afaid of them. They would run through camp and shake our campers they would throw stuff at us, but what we figured was if they wanted to hurt us they would of throwed big rocks and hit us instead they would throw pine cones and hit us if they threw rocks they were never aimed at us. We think that during the day time we would look around around thier area and look for signs, But, the night was their time to play. I have several other stories I went out with a research group and they would used me to scream and call them in.

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