Group of twelve pelted with rocks file# 04728


Date:August 15, 2009
Curry County county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

The Loeb Myrtle Grove Park River View Trail next to the Day Use Area.


Description of event: There was four of us. We went on the trail at evening the day before and something threw rocks at us, so we went back that night and rocks started being thrown from the hillside and from near the river. We then saw something dark brown run by and we ditched.

The next day we brought the rest of our campers, which made our number twelve and we hiked the trail at dusk. Our uncle thought he smelled a musky bleachy smell, so we stopped and we smelled it too. Something started throwing rocks at us.

We heard wood knocking in the distance and tried it ourselves to get a response but the rocks started coming faster. Once the trail ended, we walked the road back to camp with something still throwing rocks at us. It hit me in the back and on the elbow. It hit my best friend on the heel.

We walked some more and then me and my best friend saw it on the hillside. It had tan hair color, a wide face and seemingly no neck, just muscle. It was breathing deep but barely moving. When my friends grandma said come on, we turned away for a second, then looked back and it was gone. We then went back to camp and the rocks kept coming. My friend threw rocks at the bushes and the same rocks were thrown right back.

record updated:2009-08-16 21:19:40