Group have experience at Mollala Falls file# 04746


Date:August 22, 2009
Clakamas/multnomah county, OR
Nearest town:
Molalla, Oregon
Nearest road:
Molalla Corridor ( Its One Road)
Mostly Sunny
early afternoon
directions protected per request of witness.


Description of event: Myself and a few friends decided that we should go on a hike in Molalla Corridor. We wanted to find a nice Hollow that we heard about from a friend that had been there before. She decided to show us the way and tagged along. We arrived at the start of the trail where the road had ended. We had to walk from here. We locked the vehicle and proceeded on our hike. Once we had entered the hollow the treetops were dense enough that only a small amount of light could break through, almost like the sun through clouds. Once we started hiking, after a while, I had an eerie feeling in my head. It was very quiet on the trail, almost to the point that my sixth sense came about and I felt that we should not have gone this way. From that point on we proceeded to go down the small overgrown path about a quarter mile, at this point we had no visual of any cars, roads, camp sites, or any shelter. We then stopped at a clearing that was a circle with a radius of about 8 feet.While in the circle you could see three different paths. Myself and a friend decided to follow the path to the left. The path lead to a dead end with a steep slope to the river. From the center of the circle looking to the original path, you could see that the trail actually narrowed down to a path that was more than a foot-width wide. From that point the trail curved right away from the river. We were now deep in the hollow and our friend that was previously been there had now forgotten the way to the river so we could relax. From here we thought we should find another way to the river. While in the circle we talked about just leaving the area and driving further down the road to find an easier route to the river. We all knew not to follow the path that turned away form the river.
As we were talking one of the people I was with stopped me and a was very quiet like something had sparked her curiosity. She asked if I heard anything. I said I hear it to and I told everybody to get down, and be quiet so I could figure out what it was. I was unsure at first and then I realized that this was a bad idea to be here. We had ventured into a part of the woods where we should not have. The sound that I heard was like nothing I had ever heard before. I knew it was an animal, but this was not something that was native to the area, let alone anywhere. the only animals that live in this area are mountain lion, bear, and deer. We knew this from people that had been in the area before. About 100 feet to the left of me, as we were crouched, I heard a very low growl that lasted about 5 secs. it was hard to hear at first but the second time all of us could hear it and we knew it was CLOSE. It sounded like Husky that was about to attack, mixed with low deep tone of a lion. It was much more powerful than that of a bear of mountain lion. But still too deep for a dog of any sort. We all knew we were in trouble and had 2 choices. We could run to the car, or just wait and see what would happen. We decided to leave, FAST. I directed everyone to quickly and quietly in a prone position. We could hear a growl and movement in the trees about 30 feet away. Whatever it was sounded as if it REALLY didn't want us there. I took this as an invitation to get out. We followed the trail back to my car scared and still hearing the growl the whole way back.
When we got back to the car we hurried in. We could hear movement where the trail started. I told everyone to close their doors. But the one that had been here before was sitting in the back seat nearest to the entrance. With the door still open. I looked at her and she was scared, she was froze, staring at the right side of the trail, looking at what we thought to be the creature that had followed us from our turning point. Nobody seemed to notice that her door was wide open just yards away from the creature but me. After she had come out of her state, she closed her door and told me crying to GET OUT NOW. I started the car. and bolted down the road toward home.
The creature that she had seen, she explained in great detail on the drive home shortly after. She said she saw the creature standing at about 7 feet, on 2 legs with a slight hunch, completely covered in fur, pitch black. she said it looked like a wolf that was much more built than any man could be. It looked directly at her and growled while showing its teeth that looked canine but much larger. Its eyes were a hazy yellow. It looked as if you were to take 2 men and put them together, but was much too lean to be a bear. Too big to be a man. when she saw its face, bigfoot was out of the question. Without a doubt what she described what the face an angry over-sized wolf. The body structure was also that of a wolf, but was able to walk on the hind limbs, as well as on all fours.
We never want to relive this experience again. May no living soul have to go through the fear that we did that day. I encourage nobody to go near this area or any other like it.

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