Man witness bigfoot while hitchhiking america file# 04752


Date:April , 1972
Wasco county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hitchhiking left off in dark,had no idea where i was.


Description of event: Lived in minnesota, broke up with girlfriend so
hitch-hiked to california. traveled across north dakota,montana,idaho. got a ride from some small town in south idaho with a weird name. it was at night so i only have a vague idea where i was from hwy info signs. the person left me off near dalles/ mt. hood. the place kind of rual resid.on ridge and deep woods otherside of highway. a road ran down from where the houses were across a overpass and off into the woods.
fisrt i left the hwy to go down in the woods to camp(camped and portage canone in minnesota all my life so use to being in woods (no fear)>
anyways as i started and make a campsite started getting an erie feeling of being watched (and i was worried about bears,haha)which quickly turned into fear and panick (hair was standing up on the back of my neck & a icecold chill down my spine).so gathered my stuff and beat it back to the hwy (thought iwas being followed??????????). got to the hwy and went up the onramp to the overpass. at the top was a phonebooth, on the other side of highway was ridge and lights from houses.i checked my watch was about 2:30 am. was really scared so use the phone to call my mother back in minneapolis, i looked down the off ramp that was bordered by a nice mowed lawn that went up to the treeline of the woods.about 150 yards saw a dark shape come out of the woods very tall and broad walking walked out onto this grassy lawn and just stood there for the longest time, then it started to walk in my direction for about 10-12 ft? then turn and walk back to the woods turned again walked along the treeline towards me for maybe 15ft then turned into the woods and was gone.i stood there wondering what to do next, luckly a hippie dude drove along going up to where these houses were and asked if i needed a place to crash for the night, gave me ride to portland next morning. end of story. when me and my wife moved to oregon in 2004 i tryed to find the spot but failed, area too built up since 72.

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