couple wake up a bigfoot, while riding in the woods file# 04765


Date:August , 1994
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Big Creek
nice sunny
early afternoon
information protected for witness


Description of event: Robert and I were riding our Vespa Motor Scooter. We had been coasting down and then the road arose and we kicked on the motor, as we approached the level overlook area of a clearcut about the size of two football fields. Before us, as the far end of field, down below near the trees arose from fetal sleeping position a BigFoot. It looked at us and headed south with swinging arms. It past a stump then several feet later it took one step up into the forest. We almost fell off the bike, trying to get camera, binocs and understand what we saw. It was big! Certainly not a gorilla with a flat face!

Robert required we explore the area. So we walked down several feet of clearcut rubbage to rode along the trees. We saw where he had been sleeping, but nothing else except, the stump he past was 8 feet tall and he was chest high over it!!!
Where he went into the forest, the single step was three feet tall or more. YIKES!
We reported and were recorded with Oregon Big Foot Researchers. They said that they believed us. particularly because the Bigfoot is known to be sleepers!
But no one had yet seen one sleeping!

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