coyote hunters see a leathery dark face per from the woods file# 04785


Date:August 14, 2009
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
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13th And Broadway
clear day warm weather
This happened on private property. it was on my boss's property.


Description of event: Me and my older brother were coyote hunting all through the night.We were in a hand made blind with a pond directly behind us and a huge slash pile, there was the calapooia river to our direct left about 150 yds away across a clear field perfect for coyote hunting. Straight across from our position across the field is a huge wooded area which is very lengthy and stretches nearly the whole length of my boss's property. it is between the calapooia river and a hazelnut orchard. We heard the first sound about 4:00am, it sounded like tromping and we heard trees and bushes shake. this stopped after about 5 minutes later. about 2 hours later at 6:00am the sounds started again and continued until around 9:00am. for the first while me and my brother thought it was a deer or something. then we heard logs being thrown into other trees and branches being broken and we heard whatever it was running through the trees. As we listened it seemed to be in one place then it'd be in a total different place in about 10 to 20 seconds. it would run about 100 yds away from us and then come all the way up to the edge of the trees. We DID see a huge face which looked leathery and almost black. it had big dark eyes and it was peering through a path which was nearly impossible to make your way through. i called my boss at around 8:00am and had him come down to the property. me and him went into the forested area and searched and tailed the "animal" for almost an hour while my brother stood outside of the wooded area and watched to see if it would come out of the woods. me and my boss couldn't figure out how the thing was making it's way around so fast because it is heavily covered in blackberry vines and thorns. Whatever it was didn't even leave a path but we did find broken branches and logs that were totally demolished. whatever it was eventually disappeared and we haven't heard anything from it since.

record updated:2009-10-10 02:19:15