Man hears noises, while at shooting range. file# 04813


Date: , 2009
Clackamas County county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Momolose Rd
mid morning
A good drive up momolose rd, there will be several winding turns and finally you will see a relatively large clearing. this was or is a firing range for outdoors firearm enthusists.


Description of event: Well, let me start off by saying that I was out on my routine firearm's shooting activities. ok, here's what happened:

I was firing my rifle and then I had a peculiar feeling that i was being watched -yet there was not a single human in the area. I also heard bushes moving in a few different locations nearby me-within 75-100 yards. Then, I heard a purring like sound-which made me thing possibly cougar? But, then it dawned on me the sound seemed like a low deep bodily purring sound....I fired a few warning shots nearby the area I heard the sounds coming from. But, my warning shots did not spook away whatever was out there. This had me concerned, so I decided to load my rifle and head up to investigate and fired 2-3 more warning shots and finally after the sounds where not going away I decided to high tail it to my truck! At that point I got out of my truck and loaded my pistol and walked 10 more feet away from my truck and yelled come on out! hey! knock it off etc... But, the sound was still muffling in the distance of about 75 yards or so from me. At that point I thought-wow!? could it be Bigfoot pestering me, or trying to spook me out of the area? Anyhow, I did not witness any bigfoot, cougar or whatnot. What I did go through was a spooky game with sounds and ruslting bushes here and there. What also spoooked me was I thought a wild animal would have ran off after my warning shots. But, whatever was out there simply was not afraid of me. That was enough for {me} to call it quits that morning. Again, this was on momolose rd sometime in early to mid summer 2009.

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