Scouts are followed near Kitson Hot Springs file# 04818


Date:September , 1978?
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Kitson Hot Springs Road
Spotty clouds, sunny and 70's
late afternoon
You go to kitson hot springs, cross the bridge next to old lodge and turn left to follow river east upstream. River and trail head east for a 1/4 mile then turn south with river.
At the turn but across the river up on ridgeline east is where it was.


Description of event: We were in boy scouts on a weekend trip to Kitson Hot Springs, (owned by BSA). We had already set up camp about 3/4 of a mile upstream from the lodge,so about six of us went back to explore the old lodge.
After checking out the lodge, we headed back towards camp. At the southward bend in the trail/river, we looked across the river to the clear cut,and just inside the treeline there appeared to be a bear on two legs(maybe 200 yards away).

Then it strolled out of the trees down toward the river(we just stood there) and about 100 yards away,we started down the trail for camp,it stayed even with us across the river(about 75-100 yards) and mirrored our walking.

When we got to camp,(right on the river ), we showed the scoutmaster, and he said,"Them like the bears and cats, you leave them alone, and they'll leave you alone!"
While he was saying this, the creature headed east back into the tall timber.

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