Late train engineer spots bipedal creature walking on hillside file# 04826


Date: , 1967
Union county, OR
Nearest town:
La Grande
Nearest road:


early afternoon
Outside La Grande, Oregon a few miles up on the mountain hillside to the left of the railroad tracks heading into La Grande,OR.


Description of event: This is from my grandfather who has long since passed. He was a train engineer running daily between La Grande, Or and Hinkle, Or. He was quite familiar with the train route as he had ran it a number of years. One afternoon when headed back into La Grande just outside of La Grande, up the hillside from the left of the railroad track where he was on the train home to La Grande, he was amazed by a very large tall, furry creature up on the hillside which was walking at a fast pace upright up the hillside. He had seen a lot of bear in his time and knew this was not a bear. He said that he believed it was a bigfoot. My grandfather was a skeptical man so hearing this sighting from him, I believe this to be a true sighting.

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