elk hunter awaken in the night by loud vocalizations

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Date:October , 1980
Grant county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Desolation Creek Road
cold, overcast
Somewhere between Desolation creek and Kelsay meadows on
the main road- I could drive to it but its to long to hit exact mileage.


Description of event: I was hunting Elk by myself in the "Desolation" hunting unit.I headed into the mountains on what I know as the Desolation creek road.
Several miles up a bridge crosses the creek, at this point I headed toward Desolation Butte but as the daylight was running low I pulled over in
a wide spot & through up my backpacking tent,ate
a cold meal and climbed into my sleeping bag.
Lighting my lantern, leaving it just outside I
read for quite sometime with my head slightly
out of the entrance.At some point I fell asleep,
dozing for several hours.Sometime between 2-3:00 I was jolted awake- the lantern still burning I
found myself questioning what had awakened me when a piercing scream, yell or what ever you want to call it reverberated in the timber. I
doused the lantern as it made it so that I could
not see- blinded by the light-as it were. At
this point it did it again!I grabbed my .357 and
strained my eyes attempting to see what the noise maker looked like. My thought has always been that maybe it was a "bigfoot", as I have
heard cougars, elk ,bears & all manner of critters and this didn't sound like any of them!
I joined your site not long ago and upon listening to your sound files, "HOLY CRAP", that
was what I heard! I fired the lantern up and
proceeded to stand sentry in my tent & bag with the .357 at the ready but only heard it a couple more times at diminishing volume as though
it was on the move.Eventually I fell back asleep
" awaking to Dawns early light", as they say.
With the light of day thoughts soon turned to Elk hunting and pretty much forgot about the earlier ruckus.I drove off toward Desolation Butte but found myself distracted by Kelsay
meadows.I Followed game trails out to the base of
Kelsay Butte and followed an old closed logging
road that curled around the butte.At some point I became acutely aware of a total lack of any sound- it was really creepy,then the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I got the feeling that I was being watched.At this point the early morning ruckus came back to mind with a vengence
and I got the hell out of there.(I covered a good 3 miles in record time!)I may have just been hyper sensitised but who knows I figured any details that might help.

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