Father and Son awaken by BF, while camping in 1975

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Date:August , 1975
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Three Rivers
Nearest road:
Off Highway 97
it was beautiful
pre dawn dark hours
This was so long ago i can only remember thet we were camped near a river fishing for a few days. we were approximately 150 feet from this stream/ river along a narrow access road about a quarter mile from US 97


Description of event: This event occured while my folks and i were on a motorhome trip in 1975, I was 14 years old. We were awakwened at 4 in the morning by someone walking around outside the 27 ft Winnebago my dad and i looked out the side window, and as my father turned on the outside light we saw a HUGE hairy "bear" standing about 20 feet from the window.we weren't able to see the head or face, as it was obstructed by the retractable awning, but it was NOT a bear or man it walked slowly away into the night My mother woke up, and my dad yelled "We're getting out of here" and we sure did

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