Numerous encounters near Baker City file# 04863


Date:December , 2009
Baker County county, OR
Nearest town:
Baker City
Nearest road:
Old Aburn Road
light snow
mid morning


Description of event: Hi autumn. My name is Eddie. I have tried several times to get ahold of you. I'm sure your pretty busy but I have been having encounters here in the wilderness around Baker City that you and your team might find quite interesting. Me and my girlfriend have had seven encounters this year.

The first one we had this year, we were bow hunting and my girlfriend said she saw something move through some trees about 50 yards from us in a thick patch of timber.

The second one was just me. I was hunting and walking through some trees and disturbed something. I could hear it running away but couldn't see anything and for the rest of the day I was followed by something. It would never come to where I could see what it was.

The third and forth encounter was in the same area, just 2 days apart. The first one in this area, me and my girlfriend went shooting and had been there for about an hour, when we noticed something standing behind some trees about 80 yards away. I told my girlfriend to get into the truck and I went to see what it was. After I walked about twenty yards toward it, it disappeared.

The second one was just 200 yards away from the first encounter. It was about 9:00 at night we were driving up the road. We came to an up hill corner and we both noticed something about 100 yards up the mountain standing behind a tree. I drove up the road to were it was flatter and parallel to the creature. I got out and took my rifle just to be safe. I walked about 20 feet in front of the truck and yelled up to were I thought it would be and whatever it was started running down the hill at me. I fired several rounds in the direction of the noise and it went silent. I came back the next day and found no blood or any other sign it had been hit.

The area this had happened in, there are several mines and very deep wooded areas. The most recent one was this month of December. Me and my girlfriend went to go cut a tree when we heard a grunting noise. Then about 200 yards down the road we found what appeared to be foot prints and a hand print but im not 100 percent certain if that's what it is, or if its just the way the snow melted. I'm not trying to get your hopes up and draw your attention away from other more important investigations. I'm just simply sharing my encounters. I took pictures of the foot and hand prints. I also found a bone that is much bigger than anything I've ever seen out there.

Me and my step dad also own mines in an area of remote wilderness. It's about 10 miles from the main road and thirty miles from the nearest town. It's were I had my first sighting. Whatever I saw was black or dark brown, about 8-9 feet tall. I know I wasn't seeing things because our dog was chasing it. At night when you sit around the camp fire, you can hear something walking around the camp. It never comes out of the trees but you can hear it.

It's were my little brother saw something too, the day after my very first encounter. I decided to go see if I could find it again. I walked up and around the hill behind camp then walked back through camp, where I saw my little brother. I waved at him and he waved back and I went on my way. Later that day, I returned to camp and my little brother had seen something that he said was very tall had long brown hair and was following me. My mom said it had scared him so bad that he came running into the trailer screaming and crying. My step dad had went outside to use the bathroom and when he came back to the trailer, my brother saw his long hair in the window and ran over to the door, grabbed the door handle and started yelling," It's going to get me!"

The area that this all happened in, is called the Desolation Unit, and they call it that for a reason. It's deep in the wood and close to 7000 feet in elevation. I'm sorry if this is so long. Like I said, I'm not trying to get your hopes up but I have encountered too many things to just pass it by and pretend it never happened.

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