Girl has experience while walking to bus stop. file# 04894


Date:January 20, 2010
Yamhill county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Baker Creek Rd
pre dawn dark hours
Hidden hills rd off of Baker creek rd


Description of event: I was walking down my driveway heading down to our bus stop, when my attention was directed to my left from out of the corner of my eye.I fully turned to face whatever it was and saw a grayish white thing crouched over. At first, I thought it was a deer, but as I looked closer it looked like something with a longer arm, that was abnormally long, from what I could see, since I got a side glance view.

It stopped what it was doing and looked right at me. As I took in its posture and form, I realized it was [not] human nor a deer since I couldn't see the definite deer actions, like big forward ears or flicking tail.

My instincts told me to get away. I screamed when I realized what it was and turned to run, as I did it also started to run in the same direction as me. It looked like it was doing a long stride fast pace walk as it did a half circle from the tree it walked out of when I first noticed it. .I screamed again then stopped and turned back around.

My heart was racing as I looked to see if it was following me, searching the treeline. Then I saw the upper torso of it behind my dogs house back in the brush. My eyes looked away and when I looked back, it was gone.

When I ran back to the house my Mom told me to describe it. It was about 6.5ft tall and had a physique built for being athletic,a broad torso and shoulders with a narrow waist and thinner legs than usually drawn.

Later during the day we were on the internet and started looking up this stuff in Oregon and some of the things people were describing had happened to one of us.
Like when my sister and I were walking down the drive way and My sister said "What's that?"
I looked were she was pointing and saw a whitish gray body part behind a tree. Naturally, as I moved my arm my sister pushed me towards it and ran,I turned and ran after her.The next day we went down there again and couldn't find any thing. No plastic bag or trash or any thing that could have been hanging from the tree.

My Mom and I were sitting near the same tree and talking when I felt something hit the back of my neck. I grabbed it off the ground and was holding an acorn. NO WERE NEAR THAT TREE! I threw it back from the direction it came from thinking it was thrown by someone I live with. Then, at least a minute later, another acorn was thrown and hit my mom. She threw it back also. Soon we stopped throwing them back as they kept being thrown. This went on for about 10 minutes. I also got an edgy feeling as I sat there, feeling like I was being watched a little to closely.

Another time, a guy I know was on the back porch smoking when he felt the hair on the back of his head stand on end.
And this is the last I am going to say for now.
The day I saw it, I heard that at 5:00 my Moms fiance went on the back porch to smoke and said he heard a hooting noise from some owls going crazy and a weird whistling sound he'd never heard [before]. I never heard the noise since I had my ipod on. This was an hour before I got up to go to school. I had never been so scared in my life. Apparently, there have been a few sightings on Baker creek.

record updated:2010-01-20 18:08:18

Investigation by: Larry Sanders

e-mailed request for phone contact.
explained need for parental permission for interview in e-mail.
left my phone contact info. hoping for callback.

Larry Sanders Investigator

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Currently working 4 pt jobs the primary being a maint. position with a funeral home. No other affiliations. Decent tracker and woodlore/survival skills.hunter/fisherman all around outdoors man. Been involved in a casual way for over 20 yrs, doing search/excursions occasionally for about7-8 yrs. Really active field research for about 2 yrs.