Woman and Father see Bigfoot on I-5

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Date: , 1973
Medford/ Grants Pass county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Interstate 5
pre dawn dark hours
Uninhabited area of Interstate wooded area along I-5 southbound corridor.
unsure of exact locale, but was somewhere between Grants Pass and Medford.


Description of event: This sighting was somewhere between Grants Pass and Medford. It was summer, and my Dad and I were traveling to a Flea Market in a Dodge Tradesman 100 van (my Parents were antique dealers. It was about 4 A.M and we saw something ahead in the distance standing beside the interstate.

The interstate was virtually devoid of traffic @ that time in the early morning. It was misting slightly and the road was a little damp.

We were South bound on I-5, chatting and drinking strong black coffee as was our usual.. when our headlights illuminated a standing figure up ahead. My Dad hit the "brights" to see what it was.. and Standing right there by the guard rail, brightly illuminated by our high beams was a Creature, I believe it was Bigfoot. He (she?) standing upright like a man, but was very tall 7 ft.?, very thick bodied, covered in dark fur from head to toe and not very afraid of us. We slowed down a bit to get a good look. It WAS a big foot.

It just slowly turned its head and watched us pass.. I asked my Dad "What was that thing?" He said "I don't know." My Dad was an avid hunter and I can tell you that thing standing upright, 7 ft. tall beside the road was no BEAR. I wanted to go back and get another look. But my Dad wouldn't do it. He was too scared to. My Dad wasn't scared of much I can tell you, but this freaked him out! I have never had another encounter since, but I believe we saw what we saw and I don't care what people think!

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