Tracks found and fence damaged near Florence (photos) file# 04897


Date:May 01, 2009
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
early afternoon


Description of event: What I found remarkable was the depth of the tracks. Could they be bear tracks? The place where the tracks were found is an old farming road that follows a valley and continues into the hills. The earth is fairly compressed along this road with the exception of a few puddles here and there as well as vegetation.

The location is a place where you rarely see people. I have seen elk herds grazing and even saw a bobcat there last month. I have also seen bear (up close!) and heard coyotes at night. There are plenty of heavily used game trails leading up the sides of the valley. Some show definite evidence of elk and other trails are smooth yet large in size.

There are protected steelhead and salmon runs here as well as plenty of berries, skunk cabbage and other edibles for omnivors.

There is a salmon restoration project along this stream where a portion of the stream is fenced off. The fence posts are approximates 7' high. In Sept 2009 I found damage to the fence. The area damaged was next to the the hillside and closest to the stream. The wire fence was punched through in the middle and at the top of the fence (7') the wire was bent. The bottom portion of the fence was trampled on the ground.

I have had other incidental experiences in the area that may or may not be anything:

My dog would not let me go further along a road we have walked hundreds of times. She walked in front of me, turned and stopped. I kept walking to see what she would do and would not go further.

There were a pack of coyotes yipping on the hillside across the lake at night. A lone coyote was 'yipping' with them on the hillside behind us. At the time I thought it was a little odd.

A large splash in the lake water at night as we were laughing and talking. The person I was with got freaked out and had to go inside.

Witness included the following photos with report:

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Investigation by: Autumn Williams

Autumn Williams Investigator

Eugene, OR