Father and son hear echoing call and get feeling of being watched

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Date:November , 2009
Cowlitz county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Abernathy Creek Rd.
25-35 degrees farenheit
On private property but not my own


Description of event: My 14 year old son and I were walking from my dad's camper to my car to get our clothes and blankets when we heard an echoing YUUUUU-U,YUUUUU-U. As soon as I heard the noise it felt as if every hair on my body were standing on end, I also felt as if I were being watched, like whatever it was could see me but couldn't see it. After the brief incident, I told my dad what I had experienced. To my surprise, He also has had many similar experiences, my aunt and uncle, who also live on the same property, actually heard something very large, and breathing very heavily, run past their house, and at a very rapid speed, meanwhile making the same, YUUUUU-U, sound. My son wasn't too scared, but he now thinks the possibility of sasquatch to be real.

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