Man and woman hear strange growls. file# 04914


Date:November 01, 2008or2009
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
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FR 45 North Fork Rd.
clear and cold
Confidential directions contact me at XXXXXXXXX name D. at rock quarry at top of peak. Vegatation consists of high-elavation species. Noble, hemlock,silver fir are dominint tree species with rhodedendron, vine maple and huckleberry also beargrass.


Description of event: Sitting in truck with girlfriend when all of a sudden high pitched growl is heard from directly below us on steep animal trail hillside. growl lasted for at least 15 seconds apiece as we heard 2 seperate calls. Had headlights on and music loud. Im beginning to believe thats what irritated the giant. Also sounded very aggresive and primal almost like communication toward a younger one maybe mom or dad felt threatned us humans were there. I've always been a firm believer in this living legend no matter what anybody has said in detterence of me believing, that will never stop my passion of spending countless hours on logging roads, scouring clearcuts and dreaming of them standing in peace among the oldgrowth . thats where this sighting comes to play. For us to have this experience has been a blessing. I get teary eyed thinking of that experience, sends chills up my back.

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