Tracks/hair found near waterhole file# 04916


Date: , 1996
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
early afternoon
Confidential at witness request.


Description of event: While checking a barbwire enclosed spring, used to water cattle, I saw in the mud, within the barbwire, a very large foot print. It was larger than my hand span wide and from my elbow to the tops of my second knuckles long. I am 6ft. tall.

I collected tufts of black hair, which I still have.

I turned around carefully checking my surroundings. The pines were wide, tall and dense. There was pine duff on the ground and quite old and deep. I took off my shoe and placed it along side a foot print in the duff, as it was not safe inside the spring to do so. The print extended well beyond my size 11. I was looking at a track of something very large in height and weight. I place my weight near the track in the pine duff to judge how much the maker of the track weighed. My guess was somewhere around 425 to 450 lbs after I compared the two. My 240 lbs made an impression only half as deep and there was more duff beneath the track so it was a very good guess. As to the height of the thing my best guess judging from the span of a non-hurrying stride, a normal step, was 7ft-7-1/2ft tall. It took two of my normal walking strides to cover just one of it's steps, from the right foot to the left foot imprint. I tracked it until I felt uncomfortable about going any higher up in elevation, and because of the density of undergrowth. This occurred during the dry season and this was assessable water for it *(the track maker)*. I thought it wise to return to my uncle's home, with his two young children, ages 11 and 8. On this east side of the Warners, the sun sets early even on a summer afternoon. Although I did not see it, I know they are out there. As to the exact location I wish that to be kept confidential, because my family do not wish the land to be over run by flatland trackers.

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