witness hears vocalizations from wooded area around yurt

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Date:January 29, 2010
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Blue River
Nearest road:
McKenzie Highway
Light rain
Confidential per witness...


Description of event: I was out side going to the bathroom by a creek (aprox. 20 feet away) and from accross the creek (35 yrds away)I here a hooting/ howling from a crop of trees. I immeditaly go inside. we heard the sound from inside the Yurt (25 feet from creek)2 more times. later that night (30 min) I went outside with a flash light to survey the hill side, when I seen a faint outline of something duck behind a group of trees. I immeditaly go inside. The next morning I went outside to check things out and there was a footprint leading towards the front door of the yurt. It is a very steep hill leading to the Yurt so the print was only the ball of the foot and the first 3 toes. imbeded in the muddy print were several small white/brown hairs that I collected. there was also a hair on the door. My friend and I have been hearing this sound for months but much deeper in the mountians, never this close. My friends dad has been hearing the same sound from deep in the mountians since he moved there in 1984.

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