Two women witness a Sasquatch, while camping with friends file# 04926


Date:June , 2001
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Fall Creek
Nearest road:
Not Sure But I Could Tell You How a Get There
I am unsure but I know I could take you to the exact loc..
its past fall creek Oregon
way up in the woods I dont think there was a name where we were at.
so you go past fall creek
go past windberry
up past dolly varden
there are one or 2 more bridges past then
and its off too your right
there is a trail back through there and a campground
In that campground youll notice a really big railroad nail in a tree about 10 feet up.Over to the left of the campground is a river to swim in and accross that river you will see some weird cement slab that everybody jumps off of in the summer...
If you go up there in the summer you might ask the people in that area where the cement slab is everyone jumps off of..Someone is bound to tell you.


Description of event: Me and a bunch of friends went camping back in June of 2000.Up past fall creek Oregon.
It was dusk when I saw it and what happened was,
I was standing there its been so long I really dont remember what I was doing at the time but I do know for sure I felt like someone was staring at me and I also got this weird burning feeling of like adreaniline in my mind...Even though my tent was like 4 or 5 feet from the camp I looked out toward the campfire I could see everybody we were camping with right there..But I looked to the direction of where I got that feeling...I dont know how I just knew to look that way but I did and I seen it standing about 8or 9 feet away I felt this petrified feeling and in the 3 sec wich seemed so long I thought run,but at the same time I thought keep looking to make sure what your looking at is real...Oh It was real I swear by it!
I just went into the tent and I didn't say anything to anybody we were camping with,I felt the crowd of about 11 people might have made fun of me or something...But later on that night when my boyfriend C.W came to bed I told him and of course he didnt believe me..
My best friend was going out with C.W. brother and at about 4 O'clock in the morning when everybody was just starting to go to bed my best friend and my boyfriends brother got in a fight that woke almost everybody up....
Tabbi my b.f went running away from the camp
and I got up and so did my boyfriend to talk to his brother...I went to find tabbi and about 5 mins or so we all heard the loudest scream!
Of course it was my friend that screamed but as everybody went toward the area of were we all heard the scream she was running toward us with the most petrified look saying omg!omg!omg!!!!!!!!!!!! We were like what!
she said when she was down by the creek after her and S.w. where argueing she felt weird and she wanted to come back so as she was climbing up the embankment(By the river)it was right there at the top just hunched over looking at her..
After she told that to everybody I knew I believed her cuz of what I saw everybody else well a couple ppl didnt believe her but I know for a fact what I saw,and I didnt even tell her until after it happened and she came up and said what she seen..
Incase anyone is wondering what "It" is sasquatch I never eeeever thought I would be saying that I guess I had too see it for myself...
But the sasquatch I seen wasnt like harry and the hendersons it had hair like an orangatang...
but a little bit thicker and wasn't as big it seemed like it was about 6ft I get a feeling it was a female for some reason..I could be wrong..
All I know what I seen was real!
Its eyes from what I could tell looked dark
I never had a feeling that it was going to hurt me..I think I was just scared because I never seen anything like it.
A while after that my friend Tabbi told her dad and he was like oh yeah thats the wild man of windberry creek...He said it like it was nothing...I know Tabbis mom used to bartend at fall creek taven and they were around alot of thing said,Loggers would come in and or friends and talk about things and apparently we weren't the first ones to have seen it in that area...Her mom bartended there about 25 years ago and it was being seen then too...Accept we know its not a wild MAN its a sasquatch thats just what they called it back then....
So ya its been being seen in that area from different people for 25 years...
Melissa H.

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