couple hear heavy footfall while in empty campground file# 04937


Date:August , 2009
Grant county, OR
Nearest town:
Canyon City
Nearest road:
HWY 395
clear night
Nearest road was Highway 395 between Canyon City and Burns. A camp ground off that route.


Description of event: My wife and I before we were married were out in the wooded camp ground. Where we were I could not say, because I was not all to familiar with the area. It had been 30 years since I had been there and we had gone to Canyon City/John Day for her high school reunion. We had plans to go out in the woods and make love in the car. So she took me to a spot and we were in the process when we heard heavy and distinct foot falls in front of us. It was hot and we had the car door open. We thought maybe an animal of some sort. A half an hour later and we were still in the back seat with the door open when we definittely heard heavy foot steps behind us, about the 10:00 O'clock position from the rear of the car. It scared the hell out of us and there were no other people in the campsite. We heard what sounded like a heavy bi-pedal thing. We both thought as we said to each other a big foot. As we both have had prior sightings and knowledge of them. We closed the door and got half dressed in the car. I got a creepy feeling and started the car and drove off. We both agreed that it sounded like two feet walking slowly and it was heavy to make such a noise when walking on some what gravel and packed dirt. We didn't smell or see anything.My wife saw a big foot on her way from La Grande to Canyon City near a pasture on the side of the road one night on her way home. She said it threw its arm up to cover its eyes with its arm and that it seemed tall, dark brown and covered in brown fur. It sttod there and then walked swiftly across the open field. That was approxametely 1989. I have previously seen one in Canyon City back in 1975 or so and tracks in the 3 Sisters mountains.

We also saw something interesting while camping out here in Idaho. We were at a place called Boiling Springs Camp Ground near Crouch Idaho aprrox. 20 miles from this little town. Near a hot spring. We were sitting next to the camp fire and it was November 1st 2009. There was a path from our place to the bathroom and it was a full moon so the path was lit up fairly well amongst the dark area of trees where we were at. Something kept passing in front of the trail between us and the bathroom and we both felt like we were being watched. Size wasn't measurable but it blocked out the entire path so it was just all dark and not lit anymore. As the dirt was much lighter on the path. We both packed our stuff with alot of haste and got out of there. It was very creepy. It was a full moon and the temp was about 33-34 degrees and clear.

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