Camper scared by smelly stomper file# 04988


Date:June , 2006
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Fall Creek
It was one bridge past bedrock in Puma Campground on the left side of the road in fall creek canyon.


Description of event: We were camping and I had to pee, so I got out of the tent with my flash light and went not to far to the front of my car. It was so dark that I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face.

All of a sudden, I got this strange feeling that I was being watched. Then I noticed this horrible smell that I can't even describe to this day, all I know is that it didn't smell like a normal animal at all. I didn't get a feeling that it was going to hurt me but I knew it was very close so all I wanted to do was run.

I ran back to my tent and outside I could hear the huge, heavy footsteps and the crashing of the brush as it left the campsite.

I have never told this story but recently my nephew and his wife were in the same exact campground and began telling me a story that was almost identical to mine except instead of it leaving when she returned to her tent, it came closer and smashed the side of their tent with its enormous hand. Then after her loud screams, left with heavy footsteps too. I thought it was strange that almost identical stories could happen in the same place. it just makes me even more of a believer.

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