Man has nightly visitation. file# 05003


Date:April 12, 2010
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Baptist Church
This occured outside my residence

you can contact me at xxx xxx xxxx. - my driveway is on the northside of the intersection of xxxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxxx
[edited per witness request]


Description of event: I live alone on ten acres and had gone to bed early to read. The bedroom window was open as usual, I can't sleep in a 'stuffy' room.

It was a very quiet night. No moon, no wind, neighbors were quiet, no traffic donw on the road (300 ft away, 50 ft down and covered with 16 yr old Doug firs that I planted), no frogs, crickets or killdeers makin' noise.

Laying in bed reading I thought I heard soft voices nearby, but they weren't quite 'voices', not enough to worry me. Then I smelled a terrible rotten egg smell. The smell lingered for a couple of minutes and I heard some soft thumping on the deck outside my window (the deck is about 18 inches high and extends out from the northside of my house 12 feet). The smell and noises disappered. Over the next 45 minutes I smelled rotten eggs and heard soft thumping against the deck five or six times. The last couple of times it seemed like it had gone and the frogs started up only to become quiet again. Finally the frogs started up and sis [resume]thier regular frog business.

I have live here for 16 years and never smelled anything like that.

I have the ability and mindset to defend my home if need be and I am a hunter, but during this 'encounter' I felt not the least bit threatened (had a human approached my house I believe I would have been 'on alert'). I 'felt' like I do when I see any animal in the wild.

I looked for sign the next day but there was none to find. The grass was in need of mowing, the ground hard and it rained hard just after sunrise.

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