Man hears vocalization and has sighting. file# 05047


Date:July , 2001
Jefferson county, OR
Nearest town:
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Rain, wind. 15 mph+


Description of event: The first odd occurance in this area was in the 90's. I had killed a nice 5x5 archery bull elk and had gone back up to retrieve a tree stand the next day with my sister. As we got near the remains, hide, gutpile and mostly intact skeleton, hip bone/spine/ribs/neck bones, the treelimbs just beyond the remains swayed like something big had just gone threw them. Didn't notice any sounds of animals. The next day I returned to look around that same area for bear sign on the remains. All the remains were gone. No sign of any drag marks like a bear or cougar had taken them. Why would a person or persons take a rotting hide, gutpile and skeleton with no salvagable meat?
A couple years later my friend and I were hiking down after archery hunting that same spot I got that 5x5 earlier. It was just a few minutes before we had to use our flashlights to see. Off to our west we heard something coming towards us in the trees. Heavy steps, limbs popping and tree branches moving. We both stopped and readied our bows. When the thing came within about 15 feet of the creekbed we were walking in it stopped. The trees were very thick in this area and it was getting dark fast. My friend and I looked at each other kinda with a spooked feeling passing between us and then the thing turned around and left the way it came. No sound at all other than steps and the tree limb sounds. We agreed the thing that was making the limbs move had to be 7-8 foot tall to move the limbs like it did.
In August of 2000 I was archery hunting on a windy, cold day. I heard something approaching up the ridge. It sounded like a person walking very heavily. It was not an elk or deer. Afew minutes later there was a very loud roaring sound from roughly 200 yards away. I thought it was someone mad that I was hunting there but the volume was just too loud for a human. About 2 minutes later there was a second roar and it had moved about twice the distance away from me. That roar was followed by an elk bugling 100 yards away. I didn't look for any sign as the roars actually spooked me some and I didn't want to find anything that could produce that kind of a sound with that volume.
In early 2001 I had hiked up the SE side of the mountain, following a small creek up, exploring a side of the mountain I had never been on. I got up to the upper levels of the tree line and started around to the east side to hike the big ridge running off the east side of the mountain. There was still some snow around the clearings and in the trees. In one of the clearings I noticed a strange, large impression near the middle. This clearing was maybe 80 feet across with bare dirt except for snow around all the edges under the trees. Steep sloping ground. I stood beside the impression and just stared at it. The print was going in the same direction as I was. The up hill side was very visible and the down hill side was gone. It was very easy to distinguish the toes and the heel and the outlint of the print on the up hill side. It was a right foot print and the bigger toe and the 4 smaller toes were there. Smallest toe was barely seen as downhill side left no impression of outside of foot. You could see the curve around the heel but not quit all of the curve. Step on a steep slope sometime and see how much of your print is visible while keeping the bottom of your foot flat as if walking on level ground. The track was 16-18 inches long and about 7-8 inches wide.I dismissed it as a freak natural occurance as there was only the one. When I started off the mountain late in the day I realized that the weathering the track had shown plus with the warmer weather and the snow melt it might have been possible for the snow to have been gone in the middle of the clearing and for the snow to melt faster outwards from the clearing as it would get more sunlight than the edges. I had looked around for signs of other people having gone up there before me but saw none. Not even on the trails at the base of the mountain did I see any sign other than my own.
In June or July of 2001 my exwife and I were setting up our camp for the evening. It was dark as we had got a late start after work. We were putting up our tent with only 1 lantern burning when we both at the exact same time looked up at each other and ask if the other had farted. We both had smelled a really strong odor. Made me think of a bear scent but it had an odd sweaty smell. Never had smelled a bear with that type of odor. I grabbed my fashlight, which I discovered had a nearly dead battery, and walked into the direction of the wind. I could still smell the strong odor so about 30 yards from my truck I started looking as best as I could for any eyeshine. I swung the flashlight beam aiming it more towrds the ground level expecting to see some eyes at a lower than hip level. I instead saw a pair of yellowish eyes higher up than expected. I raised the fashlight and I saw a dark form like a shadow standing there 30-40 feet away. The ground in that direction starts to slope down to a dry creek bed. I am 6'4" and with the slight slope the shadow was taller than me. When the light hit the "shadow" I saw the eyes either squint or in some way react to the light being shined directly on it. After 4-5 seconds it turned and dissappeared. I could see an outline, like a shadow, of very wide shoulders and arms that hung down like a persons. If this had been a person the eyes would not have glowed in a yellowish color nor would they have reacted to the light. This shadow as it turned was perfectly silent and just disappeared into the woods. The shadow appeared to be 7-8 feet tall considering the slight downhill flow of the terrain and that I had to look up slightly at the eyes. I listened for a few hours that night after going to bed and heard nothing odd.

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