Man witnessed a bigfoot, while fising at remote mountian lake. file# 05095


Date:August , 2005
Clackamas County county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
early afternoon
Up XXXXX XXX off HWY XXXX I drove about 25 miles up the road long after the road turns to gravel there is XXXXX lake there you have to hike into about 2 miles through the brush hack and slash the roads used to be open about 18 years ago the best way to find the lake would be a forest service map


Description of event: I live on hillockburn rd in estacada OR my home is surrounded by woods i have seen many black bear elk deer and one cougar.
I go fishing often to high mountain lakes that have to be hiked into and never have people besides myself at them.
One day I decided to go to XXXXXX lake which is the most secluded lake I know of.
It was a sunny day I got up before dawn and drove to the place where I park to start the 2 mile hike through the bushes finally I arrived at about 8:30.
I was alone and caught about 5 or 6 brook trout and decied to take a break at around 1 o'clock.
That's when it happened, I turned around away from the lake so I was looking up a hill directly behind me.
About 15 yards (extremely close) up the hill from me was a very large douglas fir and there was a very large bigfoot. I froze and stared in panic I was terrified to move the hair on the back of my neck was completly erect I had never been so scared in my life before or since.
But, while I was frozen there I had what seemed like an eternity to soak in every detail and it was so close (I have 20 20 vision).
The bigfoot had its right arm wrapped around the tree and was looking around it directly at me it's arm was extremely large and muscular so much so the it was apparent through all its black hair
the hair that was hanging down from the arm was really long probably about 6 inches
The bigfoot had a relatively short neck which was also muscular it eyes were a bluish greenish color from what I could see. I did not see the rest of its body because of the very large doug fir.
I was so terrified to think how long was that large animal watching me. But, I'm sure this is not the first time it has seen me, but it is definatly the first time I have ever seen anything like it
I have never went back to XXXXXX lake ever since. Because, of this incident. The big foot did not at any time display any acts of aggression, which is good because I already needed a clean pair of underwear.

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Investigation by: Bill Hodgson

some information has been removed, per request of witness.

Bill Hodgson Investigator

Medford, OR

I have worked for a retail store for 18+ years. I have also drove truck, and did a little work with the BLM and USFS. I have not been affiliated with any other organization, only with OBF. I have had an interested in Sasquatch for many years. I have lived in Oregon all of my life. I have a little experience in tracking wildlife and knowledge on the mountains and forests of Southern Oregon and parts of Northern California. My research has been personal, but now I want to help others understand what they have experienced.