Man hears vocalizations from nearby ridge and responses file# 05144


Date:April 17, 2010
Ferry county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
South Fork St. Peters Creek Road
early afternoon
Coming from Republic head north on highway 21 until you get to get to Malo turn onto St. Peters creek road. Go until you get to a fork in the road take south fork. go on til you come to another fork keep left go up left fork til you get to switch back stop. should be an old fire road pass wire gate.


Description of event: I was up on an old fire road I had been on in 1994 to see how things were growing back since the fire. I had gotten up to the third switch back and thought I'd sit and rest for awhile. I
must have been there for no more then ten minutes
when I started hearing vocalizations coming from the next ridge over. There's a valley between the road I was on and the next ridge with a creek
at the bottom. The vocalization came from three points along the ridge. It started at the top, being answered by the ones at the bottom near the creek, then at the middle of the ridge. I never got to see them with the new growth and the trees on the other ridge. I was able to listen for some time though. I went back up a week later to see if I could get more like being able to see them. I thought I'd try to get a response so I started with a low moan. I wasen't exspecting the response I got. From the third switch back above where I was it sounded like something was thrown against a tree or something. It startled me that it came from above me them from the next ridge. It was pretty loud to.

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