Woman retells story of her encounter, while camping with family.

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Date:July , 1976
Curry county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Chetco River Road
At the far end of Miller's Bar on the Chetco River.
At that time you needed a 4 wheel drive to get in there.
We were camped next to the mountain side for shelter from the weather,and very close to the river.


Description of event: I'm from Brookings, and spent many years of my life camping up the Chetco and Winchuck Rivers.
Many of those trips were spent at Miller's Bar.

In the very early morning hours, I heard someone walking on the river rocks.
At Miller's Bar, the area is covered with very large flat river rocks, and as you walk they "clink" together and kind of sound like a chime. So I woke up hearing this "chiming" sound and looked around to see who was already up thinking it was my brother, who was usually the first one up in the morning.

As I opened my eyes and began to look around, I noticed that it was still very early, and wondered why in the world would [CONFIDENTIAL] be up already. As I looked around, I couldn't see any of our family up and the fire was burnt down, but I could still hear the clinking of the rocks and it sounded like they were getting closer, so I looked towards the river.

Much to my surprise, I seen a very large dark figure walking to the edge of the water and bend down on one knee. It started to scoop water up in it's hand and drink. I just layed there and watched this "thing" not believing my eyes.
It drank for several minutes, me watching it every second.
I moved inside my sleeping bag to lean up, and the animal heard me and turned around, still on one knee, and looked right at me. I was frozen in place, all I could do was stare at it. Then after just a few seconds, it stood up and walked down river and around the corner. I could hear the rocks chiming as it walked and went out of sight.

I layed there in silence as I waited for all of the others to wake up. I never said a word to my family knowing they would never believe it and I would end up being a family joke until the end of time.
30 years later, I began to talk about it with my husband...after another encounter.

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