Two hunters see a Sas move silently through the brush. file# 05180


Date:October 05, 2010
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
McGowan Creek Rd
Clear & cold
I don't know the exact name of the unit I saw it in, nor the name of the road I was on when I saw what I saw. The best I can do is to say that it was on the west side of the coburg hills, way down a blocked off road.


Description of event: A friend and I did an overnight hunting trip. We left after work and planned to setup camp in the evening, then hunt in the early morning. We drove up to McGowan Creek to do this--a place we've ridden motorcycles and hunted our entire lives. I know how to get there by car, but don't know the number or name of the forest service road we eventually went down, but I know it's pretty out of the way. We wanted to hunt where we might be the only people out there, which is why we chose this road. The road was "tank trapped" (a big hole & dirt hill at the entry point), so we parked our trucks and walked a very long way (1-2 hrs?) until we found a good clearing we thought would be prime hunting at sunrise. We had done mostly downhill walking to get to where we were. We settled in for the night, right there in the middle of the gravel road--just chatting about life, hunting, and whatever else two guys out hunting might chat about. But while we were talking, we also noticed a steep hilltop rise that was perfectly backdropped by the moon. We began talking about how we might see deer coming out of the tree line at some point. As we were talking it over, we saw something (this instantly makes all my body hair stand on end!) moving up the steep hill towards the tree line and parallel of us--it was moving in the direction of our vehicle. The ridge we were looking at was probably 300 yard away from us and in a very steep area, which is why we hadn't braved a night hike to reach it. But even at that distance, the thing we saw moving was traveling far too quickly up that grade in such rough terrain. It resembled nothing other than a person... only way larger. I'm a pretty incredible athlete myself, but there's never been a time in my life that I could have run that far uphill at the speed I saw this thing moving. I don't have any way to judge a height on this thing except to say that it was clearly taller and larger than I am, and I'm 6'-3" @ 250lbs. Even from that distance it looked very large. There is just nothing about what we saw that makes any sense to two 30 year old men who've been hunting all their lives. I'm an outdoorsman through and through... yet I fail to understand what I saw. This creature was a tall, upright, and fast moving thing! I've run coon hounds on bear, lion, coon, and bobcat. I've seen fox, elk, deer, and all kinds of animals on hunts. But I've never seen anything like this before. We were scared to our whits ends. We literally walked back to back with our rifles loaded & chambered the entire way back to the truck and hauled azz for home. As we were walking we would occasionally hear what sounded like stones being rolled and thrown in the surrounding trees, but never close enough to say we thought we were in danger. I have never been as frightened as I was last night. I am at a total loss to rationalize what I saw. What kind of creature could do that?? There's just no damned way a person can move like it did. I've worked in the woods a great many years and I've never seen a man, even the studliest of lumberjacks I've known, move with that kind of speed and endurance. Like I said... I'm a marathon runner, a mountain bike racer, an ex gymnast, a semi pro bodybuilder/power lifter, and an overall "genetic freak", as my friends call me... and there is no effin way I could do what I saw it doing. It's just plain freaky!

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