Man has sighting along I-5 in 1997 file# 05215


Date:December 10, 1997
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Rice Hill
Nearest road:
I-5 Southbound-a few miles South of Rice Hill, OR


Description of event: A Sunday night I was driving back down to my home in California-I had been visiting my hometown of Eugene, OR-a dark, rainy night-had just passed the town of Rice Hill, OR-very few cars on the road-I was driving up a hill with my high beams on and I couldn't believe my eyes-someone sitting in the rocks, or, on the embankment on the side of the freeway-in the dark, at night, and in the rain-initially I thought it was a person-it wasn't-it was sitting facing Northward as I drove up the hill-took my foot off the gas-let the car cruise and decelerate as I continued up the hill-the thing looked at me and was seemingly aware that I was looking at it-a very frightening moment-this moment frightens me further when I realize how truly close I was to this thing-less than 20 yards-we very definately made eye contact-the thing was sitting in an almost fetal position with its' knees up by its' chin and these long arms by its' side-and then as I passed it the thing stood up and begin to walk away (North along I-5)-and there was no mistaking, this was not a person stranded along the freeway-the thing was tall-very tall-7 feet, more-it was very disturbing, to say the least-have never told my Family for fear of ridicule-a sighting along I-5 would be an invite for scorn-yet, this truly happened-and this: I grew up around the country-I grew up looking for Bigfoot-my Grandmother had about 100 acres or so out between Jasper, OR and Lowell, OR-she had cattle and we were driving out to look after them most every day, not just on the weekends-and I always had an eye open for something, but never once did I ever see or hear anything-and then I see something along I-5 on a rainy night-and it saw me-it knew I was staring at it-the hair on it wasn't pretty-kind of uneven-all these years later I'm still a little in disbelief-but it sat like an ape with long arms and legs-and it stood up and there was no mistaking that this thing was exceedingly tall-I don't know what else I can offer-my apologies for reporting something that happened in 1997-it's funny, like I said, I grew up looking for Bigfoot or Sasquatch-more or less because of where I lived-and then I see it, or whatever I saw, and I almost wish I hadn't-kind of shook me up-still does a little-

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