Man and young son see a Sas cross road. file# 05218


Date:October , 1989 or '90
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Clear, cool & windy
early afternoon
From Detroit, take paved forest road 46(east) past all the improved campgrounds to forest road 4685; it's gravel. You can only turn right/south onto 4685. You'll cross a concrete bridge that spans the Britenbush River within a couple hundred yards. Immediately after the bridge on the right is a pull out area where we were parked. Just past that is a dirt road that turns right (west) off 4685 - I don't recall the road number or if there even was one posted.


Description of event: My sons, then about 7 & 5, and I had planned to fish the Britenbush River near the 4685 bridge as we'd camped in the area before & they were familiar with it. We turned off FR 46 onto 4685 (south), crossed the bridge, pulled over & parked. 4685 continues on a short way then begins to climb; there's a dirt road that leads right (west) that paralells the river immediately past where we parked. I was giving the "OK, here's how we're going to do this..." speech when a movement a little farther up the road, 100' or so, caught my attention. When I looked I saw a figure I intially thought to be a person walking across the road from left to right but quickly realized this was out of the ordinary. The figure was approx. 8' tall, maybe a few inches more, covered with reddish-brown hair all over it's body. I distinctly remember seeing muscle movement as it moved & thinking 'Man, that thing must be strong'. I also remember it's arms swinging as it walked and being too long for a human being's because it's hands came down to it's lower thigh level. It only had to take 4 or 5 steps to cross the road then stepped down over the edge of the road into the brush. It turned & looked at us briefly as it walked. I can't honestly say I got a good look at it's facial features but I did notice that the hair color on the head and the side of the face matched the color of the body hair. When I looked at my boys my older son was staring where I had been - my younger son didn't see it. After the shock of 'Did we just see a Bigfoot?' passed I walked up to where the figure had walked across the road & tried to duplicate it's stride. I'm 5' 9" & it took me several steps to cross the road. I went into the brush where I saw it enter & found a foot shaped impression in some moss covered ground that dwarfed my boot. That was enough, we decided not to do any fishing. On the way home we stopped at the Ranger Station & asked if they had heard any reports of Bigfoot & learned real quickly why most people don't report their sightings.

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