Man and Step-son witness a sasquatch while hunting. file# 05371


Date:October 22, 2008
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Cottage Grove
Nearest road:
Not Sharing To Protect Prime Habitat
brisk morning
mid morning


Description of event: My step son and I were on his first big game hunt , about half an hours hike from our vehicle , we inspected some bear scat on the right side of the gated forest road , we proceeded about 150 yards around the corner, and abrurptly turned around to meet our hunting party, at our vehicle approx. half an hours hike from our location, when we approached the same bear scat in the road ,which was know on the left side of the road , we both saw very clearly a hairy man picking at the bear scat , we startled him and he stood up and walked across the road towards the creek and into the forest about sixty yards from our standing location, this animal made us very nervous . We were armed with a marlin 30/30 rifle and it was loaded , could not point the weapon at this thing and had no interest in hunting anything but food.

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