Teens hear rocks thrown, see 3 creatures near residence

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Date:August 15, 1993
Polk county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Corvallis Hwy
late afternoon
Southern side of the Independence bridge. There is a dirt road inside a canopy of trees.


Description of event: It was by best friends birthday. We pitched tents in the back yard. 6 of us went for a walk on the dirt rd in the canopy. On the other side of the canopy is the Willamette river. 4 of the friends kept walking further up the rd. My friend and I sat down to talk in the shade. That's when rocks started to be thrown in the river. We thought our friends were trying to scare us. When we met up with them they were mad at us because they thought we were trying to scare them by throwing rock in the water.

After figuring out it was not anyone of us, we were all kind of scared. As kids we were told of bums and or drug growers on the banks of the Willamette. (We were not thinking of bigfoot at all)

We turned and started to walk back to the yard and there they were.....One large bigfoot standing in front about 7 to 8 feet tall, and two smaller ones standing behind about 6 feet tall. They came up from the river side, stood in front of us and snorted, maybe 10 seconds felt like forever and then took off on two feet threw the brush opposite from the river. I had never seen something move so fast and so quiet once they hit the brush. My friends ran, I stood frozen in fear. I believe due to shock I blacked out the experience for a long time.

It is one of the most horrible things to go through, who do you talk to about this stuff? No one believes the story. I have met up with one of the people that was there. He says that he doesn't remember what he saw. He just remembers everyone being really scared and running back to the yard. Its so frustrating.I wish I would have never seen it so that I wouldn't have to believe.

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