Witness hears loud screams and crashing of something large, in woodlands just off her property.

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Date:July , 2010
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Mt. Angel
Nearest road:
Howell Prairie
warm and clear
We live on a farm about seven miles NW of Silverton and about three miles SW of Mt. Angel. There are open fields and heavily forested areas all around us.


Description of event: I was sitting outside in our yard when I heard what I can only describe as a roaring scream and something very large crashing through underbrush on the outskirts of the cleared area behind the house. I yelled and through a large piece of fire wood in the direction of the scream and whatever it was kept screaming at me for a few more seconds then took off. It was pitch black in that area and by the time my husband (who heard me yelling and came to see what was going on) came outside with the spotlight whatever it was had disappeared into the wooded area beyond an open field. We have cougars and coyotes in the area and I am very familiar with the sounds associated with them and with their behaviors and this was NOT either of those animals. I did not find tracks as there was tall grass all over the area it was in but the grass was crushed and there were limbs broken at high levels in several trees.

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