Motorist sees creatures stand up from behind clump of grass file# 05474


Date:July 14, 2011
Lincoln county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Oregon Route 34
I was on Oregon Route 34, about 6 miles out of Waldport. The location is after a long curve, about 1.5 miles past the bridge over the Alsea river (Approximate GPS coordinates 44.411,-123.973). The left of the road is densely forested and reletively steep. The right is more sparsely forested, and fairly flat along the river. There is a corrugated-metal building about 30 yards off the road, and a sodium vapor light was shining about 15 yards closer to the road.


Description of event: As I was driving my car (see the location section), I passed a small mound, about 4 feet tall covered in tall grass about 10 feet off the right (north) side of the road. As I passed the clump, something about the size of a tall, big man stood up quickly from behind the grass. It was dark and silhouetted in front of the lamp, but I had the impression of spiky, grass-like hair, somewhat like Wilson in Castaway (albeit not as long). I was past in about a second, so I did not get a long look. Other than standing up, the creature did not appear to move.

As soon as I saw the creature stand up from behind the clump of grass, my skin crawled, and every hair on my body stood straight up. It wasn't the sort of feeling one gets when one mistakes a shadow for a person and their heart skips a beat. It was the feeling one gets when they are attacked by a large dog. I was jumpy for about 10 minutes, even after I had driven quite a ways away from the area. The feeling of jumpiness was not rational, or even emotional. I did not feel emotionally frightened, although my body was certainly physiologically prepared to meet some sort of danger. In all, the feeling was very primal, and very intuitive. It was this feeling, even more so than what I saw, that made me think I had seen a bigfoot.

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