A couple have a sighting while shooting.

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Date: , 2006
Klamath county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
semi sunny
early afternoon
The place is hard 2 describe.


Description of event: Me and an old boyfriend went out there 2 shoot but I was annoyed with him, so when we got out there we split up. I took off across the road and was walking on old stumps for about 15 minutes while he was shooting. He then came running towards me yelling my name. He is 6 feet 4 inches and he was as white as a ghost when he got to me! He said that something was up on the cliff of the hill that we have been on before. I didn't believe him until he started to shoot at it with his 22. Then after a couple of shots I saw it get up slowly turn around and start walking away. We were so scared we got in my car and took off. We came back the next day with a friend and tried to find something, but we couldn't.

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