A couple camping have a visitor at night.

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Date:September , 2009
Umatilla county, OR
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cold and wet
North Fork of the John Day River where Oriental Creek dumps into it.


Description of event: My husband and I were camping for deer hunting season. Late afternoon I was chopping wood and my husband had his head down doing something. I heard a voice behind me and when I turned, it was a young man asking for help. He had been out since daylight with only an apple to eat all day and a flannel shirt was his only warmth. As we were talking with him, very large boulders started coming down the mountain on the opposite side of the river. It was kind of strange. My husband talked to the by for a while trying to figure out where his camp was. They at last left to try to find his camp. That night when we went to bed in the very small trailer we were sleeping in. We were reading by the light of the lantern and heard something slap the door. We both had loaded firarms next to us. I asked my husband if he was going to go out to see what it was. His response was: No, I am not going out there. I have never seen my husband afraid of anything. Needless to say I was spooked. We have spent a lot of time in the mountains and are very comfortable there. The whole thing creeped us out.

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