Army personnel hear scream in the woods outside of Fort Lewis file# 05725


Date:November , 2004
Pierce county, WA
Nearest town:
Fort Lewis Army Post
Nearest road:
Range Road
Clear and cold


Description of event: While on duty on Ft Lewis, we were tasked to guard the AHAW Ammo holding area, near the back of the range area on Ft Lewis. I was chatting with my Sergeant to kill some dead time. Out beyond the range of the tall bright lights, about 300 meters, (thats where the heavy, dense trees grew,) we heard what sounded like breaking branches. We were not sure if the special forces, or the rangers were out there trying to shake us up. What ever it was, was just out of the bright range of light. We chose to ignore the sounds as we were fresh Vets just back, so it didn't bother us. As we talked, there came a scream, holler, yell, or God knows what that was high pitched. My Sergeant asked,"What the Hell was that?" I told him that it sounded like what I've been told was Bigfoot. He got back into the Humvee, I went back into the Guard Shack.

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