Two fishermen hear loud roar and see movement in brush file# 05765


Date:August 25, 2009
Skagit County county, WA
Nearest town:
Between Marblemount And Newhalem
Nearest road:
Cascade Highway 20
Sunny, chilly
Location was where Bacon Creek empties into the Skagit River. This would be around mile marker 114 on the Cascade Highway heading east out of Marblemount. While driving across the Bacon Creek bridge there is a right that leads under the powerlines and to a gated abandoned road that leads to the Skagit.


Description of event: My cousin and I were fishing Bacon Creek and the Skagit River while on a roadtrip of the Pacific Northwest. I have been to the Cascades several times since first visiting in 2006 and stop to fish here regularly. We had a two day vistor licence and fished there both days. We encountered a 400 plus pound Black Bear that crossed the creek maybe 30 feet from us. I'm very familiar with bears and have had dozens of bear encounters, no biggie. I also noticed cougar prints, I assume they were eating fish for the salmon spawn three feet from shore. We fished until dusk and camped at Goodell Creek campground.

I heard foot steps behind the tent and strange noises all night like someone was at camp rooting around. I was awakened to something tramping on the back of my tent (my cousin had his own tent). Upon investigating in the morning there was a large tramp mark on the ground in the ferns. That day we took a ride up to the Mount Baker Highway to see the Nooksack and see Shuksan and Mt Baker. We planned on fishing the Skagit and Bacon Creek in the evening till dark due to the high success rate landing primo Salmon.

We parked on the access road on the east side of the creek. It was about twenty minutes until dusk and I geared up (waders, colman lantern, rods etc) and headed toward the service road gate. I noticed a strange pile of thick, tufty, coarse red hair similar looking to cedar sloughings used in coastal indian art and dress. As I walked around the gate and headed into the woods to head toward the river, a loud, metallic apelike ruh ruh ruh RAAAAAHHHHHH happened about 40 feet from me. I heard stomps. Out of fear I yelled back and it yelled back twice, making a total of three vocalizations. I saw a huge thing move in the brush and my cousin and I ran for Jeep.

We stayed that night in a hostel down the road. I can only say that this thing sounded like a pissed off robotic king kong. It belched that roar out so loud and deep, it had to be from something over 500 pounds I mean the lungs that it would take to broadcast that howl. Watching "Finding Bigfoot tonight made me google search Skagit River BF. That Is how I found your site. Thanks. Im open to any Questions.

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