Camper describes activity 3 nights in a row; tent disturbed file# 12989


Date:April , 2009
Yamhill county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Pike Rd.
Aprox. 5
Off of Pike Rd


Description of event: My encounter, I believe is very rare.

It was a spring break camping trip up into the Trask wilderness area outside of Yamhill. As soon as it got dark, I felt as if something were watching me while I stood around the fire. It was only 3 of us still up, and we all decided it felt creepy and we needed to go to bed.

As I had just hunkered down, changed into warm dry clothes, and got into my sleeping bag, I heard something walking. At first, I assumed somebody from one of the trailers we were camping with had gotten out and was making noise, maybe trying to scare me. Then I noticed something was pacing back and forth, and checking things out around our camp site. This is when I questioned that it was a human. My first thought was its too large to be a deer. Maybe a bear or a large bull elk? Eventually it left.

This was nothing special, BUT WHAT IS SPECIAL, is that I was visited the following TWO nights. The second night is when it snowed. The same bedtime scenario was taking place, but in the snow this time. This time, whatever it was made several vocal grunts, and physically grabbed at the outside of my tent, and my tarp with humanoid or primate hands. I stayed extremely quiet in fear. Eventually it audibly ran from the camp, in what seemed to be frustration. The following morning, I looked for tracks. Sure enough, in all of the snow, I found dozens of LARGE human like footprints, with a narrow heel, and a wide ball of the foot.

I showed them to everybody to make sure that I'm not crazy, and told them my story about the previous two nights, but everybody just kind of joked with me about it. One of the girls I was with insisted I'm a liar and became furious that I would go so far to try to scare her....

Anyway, this last and final night, was the worst, and has me feeling different about being alone in the wilderness everyday. This time, my good friend Zachary stayed in my tent with me. As we were changing, and getting ready to sleep, flashlights in our mouths, I heard it start coming in, so I got his attention. A look of terror came over his face as he realized I had been telling the truth about the two nights prior.

Like the first night, it was pacing, along the length of a truck, as if it were looking for something in the back of it. When I clicked my flashlight off, it stopped moving. After about 3 solid seconds, it started toward the tent. It grabbed at the tarp over my tent for what must have been at least an hour, but it felt like all night. Pulling it down, and shooting it back. The animal did this on every side of the tent, on a tarp that I couldn't pull down no matter how hard I tried. The thing would pull it down about 3 feet on the tent, then let it go. It touched things like the zipper, and doors of the tent, and while it was on one side, the moon shined down and revealed a humanly figure, draped in hair, similar to old mans beard moss.

After his sherade at trying to get in, I'm assuming in frustration, it kicked the tent 3 or 4 times, leaving stretch marks in the canvas, and started to walk away out into the clear cut, outside of the camp. We could hear large objects(stumps or logs) being thrown about like it was nothing. A few more grunts, ad that's the last we heard.

Throughout the whole experience, a gross smell was in the air. The only way I can describe it is a strawberry poptart mixed with urine. The next morning, many of our tie downs were broken off, and logs that we had used to tie down the tarp had been moved 30 or more feet away.

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