Glowing red eyes, powerful smell noticed by residents file# 13097


Date:September , 2008
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Whistlers Bend Dr.
dry and warm
Location is on private property on the river in Glide.


Description of event: Sightings were at night. My friend was in the small house surrounded by acreage. He was up to get up to get a drink and saw a pair of eyes a short distance from the house. They were giving off a red glow and were 7-8 ft tall by estimation. He held still and the eyes would move as if walking across the property, when he would move the eyes would stop and focus on him. This went on for several minutes.

He finally grabbed his .45 made a dash for his car and stayed at a friends house. He was rattled. He is an ex-marine, firefighter, and paramedic.

I was camping on the property that summer a short distance away from the house. A couple of days after my friend's experience, I had my own. A unique, hard to describe yet powerful and horrid odor woke me from a dead sleep. I have never smelt anything like it before or since. I do know that some part of my brain told me to hold perfectly still and silent. After 5 or 10 minutes the smell was gone. It rattled me. I am a firefighter and don't get rattled easily. We are both experienced hunters and outdoorsmen. The ground was very dry and hard, no tracks.

My guess is that it was traveling to the river. Directly below my campsite is a shallow and easily accessible salmon spawning ground. Salmon were grouping at that time and could easily be a good food source, without much effort in catching them. They can actually be picked up. It is also a secluded spot. My thoughts is that the creature was just getting some dinner.

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