Campers hear growl, trailer is rocked, tracks found file# 13117


Date:November 11, 2012
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Forest Service Rd 31
slight rain
We were 22 miles from elk city oregon thirty from toledo oregon camped in big timber off a spure road under some big trees


Description of event: We had to move camp and moved 20 miles further in to the XX road. We were the only ones in that far in the big timber. We found this spot in the dark and pulled in. We began setting the trailer up when my best friend heard a growl coming from the dark.

He asked if I heard that. I said no. Well, then I heard it. We then finished setting up camp and went in. I went to bed. Dammon was awake, then turned off all lights. Somthing rocked the trailer and touched the handle of the trailer.

The next morning we found tracks and a clear trail where something was in camp. I also found a hand print on the back window of the trailer.

We didn't take any pictures because we were scared. We didn't spend much time in camp after that and at night we didn't go outside.

This happened over 3 days: November 11,12,13.

I was never so happy to pack up and leave a camp.

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