Motorist is shaken by a BF visualization file# 13147


Date:August , 2012
Lincoln county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 34
Location was on a hillside approx 4 miles east of Waldport on private property along Hwy 34.


Description of event: I was driving west on Hwy 34 toward Waldport at approx 9PM in mid-August of 2012. Just before the sighting, I noticed some movement in the trees off on the left side of the road. Since there was some recent slides in the area after some heavy rain, I slowed down and was intently watching the movement thinking I would have to avoid a tree limb or fallen tree in a matter of minutes. Suddenly, a large creature jumped down onto the road on the left side, just under where the trees had been moving. At first, my mind thought it might be a bear, but having had many bears in my yard through the years, I knew it was not a bear. It was not a person, because it was far to big to be a human and the legs were shorter and bulkier than human legs. Also, I noted that when it jumped down onto the road, it did so pretty much effortlessly and without lunging forward at all. When it landed with a solid jump, it turned toward me. The head was close to the body, as if it had little or no neck. When it turned toward me, the movement was quick and the arms came out the each side of the body. I was able to note that the arms were hanging below where the knees were bent. I could see that the creature was covered in a long, what appeared to be a dark colored fur. I could see this fur on the head, arms, legs, back and chest. I was not close enough to get an accurate look at the face. The creature took three large steps and was across the double lane road. By this time, I was just feet from the location where it first jumped onto the road. There was a driveway almost directly across the road (on the riverside) and I had slowed down enough to look down the driveway. The creature was gone just as quickly as it had appeared. In my opinion, it was a bigfoot. I do know that it was not a bear and it was not a human. I was shaken by this experience and when I drive by this location months later, I still get a creepy feeling about what I saw that night. I did not hear sounds of any kind, but I did smell a rather pungent, sort of garbage/sewer/porcupine smell when I rolled my window down on the passenger side to see if I could view it down the driveway.

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